Quentin Jolliet

Digital & Project Manager

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  • Birth date 07-04-1992
  • Work As Project Manager
  • Phone No 06 98 09 19 58

About Me

/Who Am I


Hi ! I'm Quentin Jolliet and i'm actually working as project manager in Big Youth (Makheia Group). I've just join the team after two internship since March 2013. I'm currently working for several accounts (Thierry Mugler, Krys, Société Générale, Pernod-Ricard, Decléor, NRJ...)

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2 years of experience
8 projects completed
10023 hours of work
9523 beer cans


/My entire career

June 14

Info-Com Media Engineering Master 2

Ingemedia Institut (USTV)

I finish my study with my master 2 degree in Information Communication specialized in media engineering and personnaly in project managment

Information Communication Master

Ingemedia Institut (USTV)

This Master was specialized in information communication domain with groups projects highlighted.

June 13
June 12

Licence Pro TAIS (option CIAN)

Ingemedia Institut (USTV)

This degree was a professionnal licence which gives me technical skills in severals domains as programmation, design, motion, marketing, project managment...

Information Communication Licence

Université Blaise Pascal

I just finish my two first years post-bac studies in Clermont Ferrand with theorical learning in Marketing and communication.

June 11

Baccalauréat degree

Lycée Alain Colas

I just graduate my baccalauréat in Litterature with Mathematics first option and audiovisual cinema second option. I graduate it with "Mention Bien".

June 09
May 14

Project Manager

Big Youth

After my two intership in this agency, i just get my first job as project manager.

Project Manager intern

Big Youth

My second internship is this agency as project manager working on new projects as Société Générale, Decléor, Pernod-Ricard, Mugler or L'Oréal...

Feb 14
March 12

Project Manager intern

Big Youth

My first internship is one digital agency as project manager working on projects as Mugler or Krys...

Web-Marketing SEO intern

My Little Day

In this little eCommerce company, i was in charge to optimize the SEO of the website and work on the web marketing strategy of the company.

Feb 14


project Managment
... always something to improve
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someday when i'm feeling artistic


/Work done so far

Here a quickview of projects on which i worked for.

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